Friday, March 16, 2012

Owl Eyes

Being around my family is like living in a comic. The following event typifies what it's like being with us. Yeah, we're awesome.

By the way, with my last comic, my intent wasn't to bash on my teacher at all. He's actually really awesome. The comic was more to portray my goofballishness. Yeah...that's a word.


  1. Weeeee HOOOOO!!! I made it into a comic. Thanks for not drawing in all of my wrinkles! You are super grooHOOHOOvy and a totally OWLsome son. Yea...that's right....I said it!!!!

  2. Next post: photo of the pair of oval shaped cardboard things looking like little owls! or owl eyes.

    1. haha I actually thought of doing that!