Monday, June 25, 2012

Playing Tennis

I've really never been competitive, in sports especially. I always viewed competitive people as really prideful when they won and really angry when they lost.
That is, until the spirits of competition awakened within me.
I realized's ok to win. I LOVE to win, and I hate losing. Not because it's fun to boast, or because you are angry at someone else when they beat you, but because it's all about personal improvement. 
Oh yeah, I totally am feeling it now. The joy...and also the rage. No more apathy!!! bring it on venus and serena!!!!


  1. I lurved it. And by "I", I mean my brother, my sister and I. We all loved it :) My brother, especially, is the biggest fan of yours. Because he's only seen so many of your drawings of yourself I asked if he knew what you really looked like. He said, pointing to the very last drawing of this comic, "What are you talking about? He looks exactly like that." And I said, "Yep."

  2. Another amazing comic from my favorite SCHMOOKIE artist!! I love your little sway back bootie pose in the first frame. And Joni's woo lips too!

  3. Ha, this is freakin' hilarious! It's awesome!