Thursday, June 14, 2012


Yeah, for some reason I went with ghosts!!! 
now it looks like a ghost buster or luigis mansion inspired piece.
what do ghosts have to do with time travelers?
Be creative! I have no idea! Maybe its a grand metaphor of how no matter how much he time travels, he can't escape....the ghosts of his past....
whoa. deep.

and by the way, I love his red gloves. LOVE THEM.
also, the ghost noses were inspired by these ghosts Lonesome Ghosts -Mickey Mouse

yeah, I'm gonna call this a work in progress.
This is for a group blog. The weekly theme was "lost time traveller".
As you can see, the lost time nomad is expressing fear, but nothing is causing it. I have yet to add something else in the image to allow it to tell more of a story.
so in progress...
I think painting is beginning to make a lot more sense. I feel more in control...more powerful...I'm gaining a PROCESS.
I'm way too tired right now.


  1. It's like mastering the bending of an element. Airbending took me a while. Also. This looks awesome!! Lighting = great.

    1. ahhhh man, I have so many cool dreams where I can bend the elements.
      thanks for the compliment man!

  2. Duuude this is pretty awesome! Good jerb. Your stuff is always so easy to love.

    1. the first two sentences of that comment I totally read in James' voice.

  3. Love it! My only thought would be to put an overlay layer over the ghosts and airbrush some white over them so they'll look like they're glowing...but it's awesome regardless :)

    1. thanks! someone once taught me how to make an overlay layer, but I can't remember how...