Thursday, November 29, 2012

Miyazaki Emulation + random schoolwork

Here is my piece emulating the great Hayao Miyazaki! I kind of realized, in doing this, that I've been subconsciously emulating him already.
If you haven't seen a Miyazaki movie you must. Quickly my boy.

And I liked the one with just shadows too, so I threw that in.

And here's two assignments I kind of had to throw together last minute.


  1. I love these. I love Miyazaki. I especially love the red-bearded man. Yes.

  2. Aaron dude, you be forever awesome.

  3. You got the face SPOT ON! And I love his pagoda looking backpack.

  4. Just a little something-something I put together on the side. Just some random bat, you know.

    This is pretty rad! And Spirited Away is a great movie! (See, I'm not completely an animation neophyte!)